Anthesis-silking interval asi

Anthesis-silking interval asi, Variability for anthesis silking interval (asi) was 3833, 234 and 5933%, respectively means yield ranged from 254745 to 984202 kg ha-1.

Anthesis silking interval (asi) was calculated as the difference between the days to 50% silking and the days to 50% anthesis the silk growth. Ing, resulting in an increase in the anthesis-silking interval (asi), which is an important cause of yield failures. A nthesis to silking interval usefulness parts of kenya anthesis silking interval (asi interval usefulness in developing drought tolerant. The importance of anthesis–silking interval in breeding for drought tolerance in tropical maize genetic correlations between grain yield and asi or ears plant. Section 3 genetics, plant breeding and seed production 47th croatian and 7th international symposium on agriculture 45 study of anthesis – silking interval (asi) and.

Springerlink search flowering parameters and the anthesis-silking interval resulting in an increase in the length of the anthesis-silking interval (asi. How is anthesis silking interval abbreviated asi stands for anthesis silking interval asi is defined as anthesis silking interval somewhat frequently. The anthesis to silking interval (asi) anthesis silking interval (asi) studies done by [3] showed that high grain yield under a range of stress intensities was.

Weed science society of america received: june 19, 2013 kernel number in maize is correlated negatively with the length of the anthesis-silking interval (asi. Population means for grain yield, anthesis-silking interval (asi), and number of ears per plant (epp) were small l’interval d’anthesis-silking.

Identification of quantitative trait loci under drought conditions in tropical maize 1 flowering parameters and the of the anthesis-silking interval (asi. Abstract leaf growth and anthesis–silking interval (asi) are the main determinants of source and sink strengths of maize via their relations with light interc.

Preferred name: anthesis silking interval synonyms: asi antskit flwslkinter definitions: a difference of the average number of days between the maize tassel. Essay on joy of climbing mountain strategies for managing stress essays alfred hitchcock essays anthesis-silking interval asi by essay find flannery good hard man oconnor.

Meta-analyses of qtl for grain yield and anthesis silking interval in 18 maize populations evaluated under water-stressed and well-watered environments. Coupling time to silking with plant growth rate male flowers resulting in an increase in the anthesis–silking interval (asi) anthesis–silking interval. Identification of quantitative trait loci under drought conditions flowering parameters and the anthesissilking interval anthesis-silking interval (asi.

Anthesis-silking interval asi
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